Have you ever been to The Mountain,

Of Midir, Maine and Mel?

It’s well worth a visit, a saunter,

Albeit the Gateway to Hell.

No doubt you’ll be Mithered a little.

The magic is still very strong.

Though it’s long since its use by the many,

Since Mel announced it was wrong.

Our Midir was first on the Mountain,

He comes from when time began

His home was a fine Sidhe palace

‘Til Eochaidh destroyed it and ran.

Proud Midir had trouble with women,

As did both King Maine and St. Mel.

Perhaps if they respected their power

A different story I’d tell.

Now Midir had a wonderful woman,

A match to his power and way.

Yet he let youth and beauty bewitch him,

Consume him and lead him astray.

Not thinking of either girl’s wishes,

He brought chaos into their lives.

Puddle, butterfly, anger and sorrow,

He trod on the souls of his wives.

His passion destroyed all around him,

His people, their ways and himself.

Self-obsession, a dangerous torture,

The ruination of King of the Elves.

King Maine. Little is known about him.

Our King at The Back of the Hill.

Known best for allowing St. Patrick

Bring Mel to the site that’s there still.

More tales tell how Caibre, his brother,

Refused the new ways, turned his back.

Sat atop his great fort in North Longford,

Where drama is never in lack.

Sons of Niall of nine hostages fame,

Both had riches, power and wives.

Caibre’s son fathered a child with Maine’s woman,

So inter entwined were their lives.

Now Maine is in boxes and numbered,

his home an archaeological site.

His riches are scattered and broken,

Little evidence of his great might.

St. Mel is the third of our heroes.

He was brought here by uncle Pat,

to plant the seed of the new religion

which rooted here just like that.

An aunt of his, St. Lupita,

resided with him quite a while.

When local tongues started a wagging

she departed in magical style.

St. Brigid arrived to start a convent,

she even left us a well.

Mel decided to ordain her a Bishop,

now that’s a story to tell!

So that’s our Mad Men of the Mountain,

three different men of their age.

They all were leaders of people,

but quite possibly made for the stage.

AGS 2016

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