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Three little pigs theory

I was watching something about the great fire of London and I’m now convinced with no proof whatsoever that the three little pigs story was about it with the wolf being the fire. After the fire most of the buildings were brick.. just saying.

Beyond the Attic

Here’s one I made earlier…. found this in my files, written before my last child was thought of, so pre 2012 sometime, maybe 2008, I made lots of edits to it after with the last in 2015 and sent it places where it sat ignored and possibly just as well. At any rate I would…

Bilberry Sunday – a story

Etain grumbled and groaned.  “Why do I have to go? There will be enough people, it’s not like there are any Bilberries anymore. Sure, most of them are gone by the time of the walk, we should have it earlier.” Her mother sighed.  “Look, it really isn’t about how many Bilberries we get, it’s to…

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