Fill in the Questionnaire below before Tues 18th May 2021. The government say they want you to but do they really?

The Irish Environmental Network have kindly given some guidance on how to fill it in and are happy for that to be shared widely:

This FF/FG/The Greens questionnaire is meant for “all the people” to fill in and return to them so we can have our say on Climate Change Policy. 

This questionnaire is due on Tuesday, 18th May 2021 and is all worded to blame the individual. 

There isn’t even a section on Agriculture. Use the food section. Find somewhere in it to put your thoughts on European and Irish Agricultural Policies.

They say this climate change consultation is so our voices can be heard yet only over 16s are allowed partake in it. It is up to us to fill it in with our children in mind.

They say this climate change consultation is so our voices can be heard yet it was not sent to marginalised and rural communities. It is up to us to fill it in with these communities in mind and to share it with them.

It is completely focused on individual action which is unbelievable. Was it made to make you feel guilty?

Are you not completely disillusioned with this government for not telling the truth about the crisis and for still pandering to big business as if there is no crisis?

We all know the ordinary person is doing the best they can and how unaffordable it is to do so.

We all know fossil fuel companies, airlines, billionaires and multinational corporations are to blame for most of it.

This questionnaire  has multiple choice questions. The link is up there for you for easy access because on the consultation hub it takes 17 buttons to press to get into it!!

It is wise to prepare your answers on a document elsewhere first as many have lost theirs doing it online. Almost as if they don’t want people to do it!

Push this back to the FF/FG Green government and use the headings ‘want to/not able’ in the questionnaire as you see the need.

In the broad open boxes you could spend ages on it but try to put key things in the boxes as this consultation will probably be put through a database and they will pick out key points.

The IEN suggest three key things to emphasis : 

  • emissions reduction reduce dependence on fossil fuels
  • work with nature
  • leave no one behind

We need system change, government action and social justice. We need cooperation not competition. We need Socialism!

If you have more to say, or are in a group that does, put it in the call for evidence which is for longer submissions.

This consultation is awful and insulting and was put out there with no publicity. It has been done before with the Citizen Assembly and ignored. There’s no truth in it. There is NO carbon budget, working to 2050 and the smaller pledges for 2030 is nonsense. 

This FFFGGreen government are happy to pay billions in Catbon Fines rather than do anything worthwhile. 

Leo Varadkar is busy pushing CETA on us which will give big multinationals, who want to rape our country of resources that should stay in the ground, the right to sue us if we don’t let them.

Michéal Martin is happy to belittle and ridicule the very boards set up to protect our Heritage and Environment in the Dáil. We all saw what he and his cronies think of An Taisce.

Eamon Ryan is only interested in bicycle paths and not the real, radical system change we need.

The Climate Crisis is real and here and now. Have your say. Fill in the questionnaire and give them the answers they need not the answers they want! 

We are living with a Timebomb and no one in power is hearing the ticking. It is up to us to make them wake up!

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