Once upon a time, older people were revered and loved by the tribe. They were the wise ones everyone looked up to and asked advice from. They stayed with the little ones and taught them tales while the youth and middle aged went to forage and hunt. They were looked after and they looked after in return. There was no reason for anyone to feel “useless” because everyone shared tasks and cared for each other and everyone just ‘was’. Then we separated into groups of different ages and stages and uses and were manipulated by those who wanted more and more and only saw the value in us when we worked to make their lives better, not our own. We began to see ourselves with a sell by date. This is so wrong. Let’s change that story, lets write a new one where we just ‘are’ and where we are loved for just ‘being’ us. ❤

2 thoughts on “The death of the extended family

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