When did we decide as humans that being was not enough? When did we decide that to define who we are we had to decide what we wanted to be, to become? WE ARE! We are already, we do not have to become anything. Because we are, we already are what we wanted to be, will be. We exist, that is being.

BE! You are being since you arrived, perhaps before you arrived. You are a being. So why are you spending your whole life trying to BE something? BE who you want to be, be an engineer, be an accountant, be an artist, be a politician, be a leader, be a worker, be a billionaire. None of that is being. That is all DOING!

DO engineering, DO accounting, DO arting, DO politicing, DO leadering, DO working, DO making money to hoard for no reason other than having it beyond your grave ( that is what billionairing is is it not?) DO what you like. That is not being. You are already being. Often all that DOING stops you from BEING. DOING does not make you a better BEING! DOING often makes you a worse BEING, your worst BEING, the worst BEING you could BE.

All the DOING in the world will never make you who you are. Why do we ask people what are you? and expect a doing answer? What are you? I am a teacher. You DO teaching. You already are. You are not a teacher. That is just your DOING! I am a CEO. I am a housewife/husband. DOING and BEING are not and never have been the same so why do we ask what are you and expect a DOING answer and then judge their DOING answer and so judge their BEING?

Your DOING does not define your BEING. You ARE whether you DO nothing or DO loads. What is the DOING about anyway? Often the DOING is just stopping you from BEING.

What about THINKING. Are you what you THINK? That is just your thinking. That is not you and is not your BEING. I think and so I am? Is that correct? You are anyway, with or without THINKING. Often the thinking is irritable noise that is stopping you from being. STOP THINKING. BE!

How? How do we BE? Is it so hard really? BEING can be the simplest thing in the world. watch how the children do it. They are BEING all the time. In the moment, in the NOW, enjoying the moment, feeling it all. That is what we are, BEINGS.

Just BE!

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