There’s a spider in my bathroom

and his name is Tom.

He isnt very big,

He’s a tiny little one.

He doesn’t spin a web

he waits patiently instead,

underneath the skirting board

pretending to be dead.

He waits so patiently, 

for food to scurry by.

I’m the only one who sees him

Does he think I am a fly?

When I go into the bathroom

and close the door behind,

I turn around and there he is.

Am I a juicy find?

I’m too big for him to eat.

He doesn’t scare me at all.

I ask “hi there Tom, how are you?

Do you like living in my wall?”

He seems to nod and smile,

perhaps he just comes out,

to thank me for his home

and for having him about.

We let each other be

and do our own thing.

We live peacefully together

in our home there is no King.

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