Once upon a time the world was so sick she seemed to be dying.

Everybody noticed but the super rich wouldn’t change their ways and made life harder and harder for everybody else.

Even though there was enough of everything in the world for all to share, they made sure that there wasn’t homes for everyone, that there wasn’t food for everyone and that healthcare was a luxury while they sailed around the world in their yachts after making their money from raping the resources of the world, exploiting the poor and standing by while the vulnerable died. Everything, and everybody, was theirs to use, abuse and discard, in their warped sense of reality.

They had been the real power behind the many facades of governments for so long that they knew what would work everytime. Divide and conquer, get people blaming ‘them over there’ rather than looking upward and sideways, towards the super rich who always pulled the strings. Sometimes they created wars just so they could make more money.

The more you have the more you want even if you’re never going to need it, ever.

Every hundred years or so they wiped out as many of the poor, weak and vulnerable as they could while having smaller, localised, mass genocides and enslavements happen briefly and nearly unnoticed by those so busy trying to feed themselves and pay their debts. They even convinced the many that just because it had become normal then it was right.

They never cared how many died, they were just numbers and inconvenient troubles while they lived in their perfect world of opulence far away from empathy.

They had global meetings regularly where only those invited could attend, those that were useful at that moment and easily bought or discarded. The ordinary people were told that these meetings would solve the problems of the world however the only hint they had that they, the ordinary people, were considered the problem of the world was when one of the super rich let it slip that overpopulation needed to be dealt with as he funded the world health organisation to vaccine the world, some of which helped greatly, while others didn’t.

That was always the way with them, give a little on the right, point the camera in that direction while taking so much more from the left in the obscure darkness.

Little bits of information were dripfed to the masses over time through movies, shows, books, video clips, leaked documents, sometimes they just stated it truthfully on the news. Any information released was monitored to see how the majority would react and respond. Unrest and distrust and a managed chaos ensued to deflect attention. Others were misdirected with celebrity and real life shows.

The super rich started to get annoyed when the many started mobilising in countries around the world, some were doing it for human rights, others for the environment, others for animal rights, all the rights the super rich didn’t want to give. They didn’t consider them basic rights but graces they bestowed upon the rabble, at their convenience, when they saw fit.

Never in a million years would they consider food, health and a roof over your head a right for every man and child, that right came with privilege always and the others had to earn it. Those that ‘earned’ it held on so tightly to it and pushed many down the ladder as they believed the lie of scarcity that was fed to them in whispers from above.

What was even more annoying to the super rich was that the rabble were sharing information too quickly and rapidly and while the super rich were experts at their propaganda and using these tools themselves the masses were getting very good at it too. They were educating themselves too quickly, so quickly that they were managing the system better to change it which had to be stopped.

At one of their meetings, the super rich decided they had enough and they drew straws to see who would be the first to initiate the next manoeuvre. They had agreed that whoever had the most casualties would be compensated by a quicker economic recovery and the people would never guess they managed it all, all the time, every time.

They did a few trial runs but they didn’t get the result they wanted so the trials were pulled and ended nearly as suddenly as they began, until the perfect formula was found.
They had been working on it a long time, testing and retesting the many mutations of their living weapon until they got the perfect formula that would kill off the majority of the nuisance people, the elderly, the sick, certain ethnic groups who were beginning to manoeuvre and stand up for all the wrongs done to them in the past, refugees, people in warzones, homeless, migrants. 

The living weapon had to be easily killed and contained so that the super rich would not be effected, or if they were they could be cured quite quickly. They all had everything they needed ready if and when that time would come. They may have some casualties but that was a risk they were willing to take in this gamble, this game, everything is a game in the end with the odds most definitely in their favour. Most of their casualties would be those who thought they were in their group but really weren’t, they were just climbers on the ladder.

So, conveniently, normal soap and water prevented it from spreading as did isolation. No one would believe it was created purposely because it could be so easily fought off if you had the means, wherewithal, a home to live in and clean, running water.

Millions died and all was right with the world of the super rich again. 

The End .. until the next time.

May 4 2020


This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to actual situations is purely coincidental.

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