(Picture is a drawing by Mary Smyth, Original drawing can be purchased here: https://www.creativeardaghcraftshop.com/shop/gracefuldancer)

The first time I saw a Swan

I forgot to breathe

until my gasp reminded me.

Each time is still a reminder

of that day that

nature let me glimpse

her perfection.

Our legends pick them

as the majestic forms

for our gods and

children of our gods.

Swans, beautiful and pure

are indications of something

bigger than ourselves

yet finer than our

deepest thought.

And yet, their clumsy gait

when walking on the land

ensures we never

take ourselves too seriously.

My fondest thought of swans

is the paddleboat

in Westport House

that pretends we all can be

Swans instead of ducks.

AGS 2018

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