Antigen Testing.

Antigen testing: Use it as a screening test and if positive go for a PCR.

I can only speak from the experience we have had:

Our experience of antigen testing meant our household contained Covid. Our son hadn’t been home in a while, came home, didn’t feel well, decided to do an antigen test “before we visit Granny”, his decision.

We have antigen tests in the house for this very occasion.

Our thoughts are it is a good idea to keep them in the house to have on hand. Much like we keep paracetamol, ibuprofen, cider vinegar, lemons, honey, turmeric, ginger, garlic, many herbs, a variety of vitamins (vitamin C and D for certain) and good old lemsips in the house at all times.

He tested positive. We all did one, we were negative. He isolated. He was really good at it in fairness to him. His PCR came back positive. We continued with antigens.

Our youngest had a PCR because she was not vaccinated – we followed the rules. Negative. We didn’t get it and he recovered. We did all the staying at home and isolating as a recommended.

That is our experience of using antigen tests. We are glad we had them in our house and that our son had the wherewithal to decide of his own accord to test before visiting Granny.

Our daughter has come home now, she did one before coming home to us. Negative.

That’s it. That’s the story. Nothing complicated. Nothing exciting. Just our experience.

Vaccination 🤔

No one is forcing vaccination. It is a choice. If that choice means you can’t travel out of the country for a while well that’s your choice just like it was a choice many took to isolate themselves from others for over a year and all that went with it. Others made a choice not to and so had more ‘freedom’ during that time. I don’t understand people rushing to go abroad anyway, it’s worse in most places than here. I made a choice in March 2020 to keep my kids at home and I’m glad I did. We’ve loads of choices. Vaccinations have done more good than bad throughout history, yes there have been some with bad side effects and I have to say I considered and thought about all of them when the kids were small but mostly they do good and the amount of crap we all put into our bodies from eating processed food, sugar, alcohol, breathing in car fumes, open fire fumes, pesticides, fertilizers etc etc vaccinations are way down the list in dangerous things. The choice not to vaccinate is yours but it isn’t just about you though is it? Like everything else to do with Covid 19 this is about those around you and maybe that is the lesson for humanity in it. We’re not learning much from this as a species are we? We could have used the ‘opportunity’ we were given with this virus to change so many planet destroying habits and day to day actions but we didn’t, some did but not enough and not those with the most power and doing the most damage. They are intent on never changing and getting back to their ‘normal’ exploitation of people and planet. We’ve also seen the absolute greed in the pharmacy industry not giving this vaccination to the poor countries for free and the rich countries grabbing it with all their might for themselves. If they really were deadly vaccines or whatever else danger people think they are they would be forcing it on those countries first instead of greedily keeping it for the rich countries. Poor people have always been dispensible to the rich so they’re letting them die while protecting their own. Well that’s what I think anyway.