I’ve been searching for up to date data on Covid vaccines. The gist from what I have found is :

Vaccines reduce the spread of Covid 19.

The severity of this virus, if contracted when vaccined, is reduced.

If you get vaccinated you are 11% likely to transmit Covid 19 to your family. If you don’t get the vaccine you are 31% likely to transmit to your family.

You can still get Covid and you can still spread it but you are more likely to not get severely ill and you are less likely to spread it.

Some people are asymptomatic and vaccinated but they probably were asymptomatic anyway without the vaccine and they would spread it more if they weren’t vaccinated.

We need boosters. Boosters are there for other vaccination programs since forever, this is a normal part of vaccination programs.

Some people have had rashes and fewer have had more severe reactions and this is still a normal part of vaccination programs.

You’re more likely to get severely sick if you contract Covid and are unvaccinated.

You’re also more likely, if unvaccinated, to spread it to your children, loved ones and also to the community if you are out and about, shopping, working, “getting back to normal”.



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